Hi! I'm Miss Lizz the creator of these photos and my personal site. Thanks for wanting to get to know me a litle bit better! Well basically I'm just an average house-wife like the lady next door. Yeah right, my neighbors would be laughing out of their seats right now! Seriously though, I am a happily married woman and mother of 5! Yep you heard me right, I got 5 kids! And yeeeesssss I gave birth to them all! I'm just a regular stay-home mom that cleans house, plants flowers, and bakes chocolate chip cookies just like your mom did. Only difference is, I wear a G-String instead of an apron. I built my site about 5 years ago when the only thing I could do on a computer was open e-mail. I downloaded this free web-publishing thing-a-MI-jig, figured out how to insert pictures, and Wha-Lah here ya have it, my very own home made site! (Not bad for a high school drop out huh?) I feel that just because I am a mom and 44 years old is no reason I still cant feel, look, and be sexy.  And I don't give a dam what the PTA moms think! I like being me!

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